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Priming -- at last!

Today I got a very strange look from my neighbour's kid. He spotted me through the window as I was preparing the primer, wearing the respirator. I hope I didn't scare him.

It is great to be able to paint on a rainy day with temperatures in the 40s (Fahrenheit). The paint booth works like a charm; the only missing bit is a stand for the paint gun. I have a hook on the wall, but that is too short. Should be easy to fix. Now if my spraying skills were on the same standard as the booth ...

I have primed the rudder skeleton and the elevator stiffeners. Maybe I can do the elevator skins tomorrow.


Paint booth, the Grand Finale

The paint booth is done! I installed the missing wall yesterday and finished the last bits today.


You can see that I filter the air before blowing it out, to get rid of the overspray. The filter material again is vacuum cleaner bags.

I have a window above the spray table so that I can open the outside window for the exhaust funnel. To be able to reach that far I need to fold the spray table away. Here is my hi-tech solution for holding it in place:


Now back to aluminum. Woohoooo!

Paint booth, part 3

There was some progress during the past three weeks, even though I didn't write anything here. A few evenings of 3D puzzle shuffling, aka "how do I build four walls and a ceiling in a room such that I make use of the full size of the room and still can staple plastic foil to the outside of the booth". If you have space to build the wooden frames it's trivial to set up a booth like this. If your work space is confined to the final size of the booth, because otherwise you can't get the parts through the door, things start to get interesting. But I'm almost there, only the wall with the exhaust is missing, and of course the spray table (for which I will reuse the chicken wire frame I already have).

Here is the exhaust fan before closing the lower part of the side you are looking at. The fumes will leave the casing at the top, blowing them out of the window.


And this is the current status of the booth. 8x36W fluorescent tubes for 35 square feet is lots of light! Note that I can mount the lights inside the booth since I only use waterborne paint, nothing explosive. On the right you see the open door with the filter for the incoming air -- I simply use the largest vacuum cleaner bag I could find. One of these bags covers half the door. You can also see the exhaust fan facing the window.


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