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Paint booth, part 2

Some more wood work today, and I have to say I like aluminum better. Here's the structure for the fume extractor. I need this funny shape to get around the spray table and to the window.


Before you ask: Yes, that's the Nov. 2010 calendar picture on the wall. I haven't received the 2011 calendar yet, so I keep the nice 2010 pictures around until it arrives.

Paint booth, part 1

Building in the living room has advantages, but also drawbacks. One major drawback is that I can't prime inside the house, and now in winter I also can't prime outside. So I have decided to build a paint booth. I have a small room that qualifies as "bedroom" in this country, even though there is no way to fit a standard sized bed into it. So far I had used it for storage. Now it will become my top-of-the-art paint booth:


The plan is to use battens and thick plastic foil to construct a booth, and to install a fan that blows the fumes out of the window. I only use waterborne paint, nothing flamable, so the fan doesn't have to be explosion proof. Here is the fan (yes, I'm using safety wire to hold it in place):


To give you an idea where the fan will be located:


You can see that I have covered the floor with fiber board to protect the carpet. The boxes on both sides of the fan are closed with fiber board on the back and on the outer sides. The top and front will be covered with a filter to keep the overspray away from the fan; same for the front face of the fan. The downstream side of the fan (pointing upwards) will get a fiber board channel to the window.

Wing kit inventory completed

I finished the wing kit inventory. Everything was nicely packed, only three minor things I will ask Van's about. One small bag of rivets contained the wrong size (AD3 rather than AD4), a couple of AN bolts have a very grainy surface with lots of pits (also in the threads) and two AN fittings were missing. Considering the total amount of parts in the kit that's nothing.

Wing kit inventory, part 2

More brown paper bags! Yesterday I finished another large chunk of the inventory, including 11.2 lbs of bolts, nuts, washers, bearings, etc. The scale comes in extremely handy, or would you like to count those plate nuts and screws by hand?


As dessert I took some ribs. I'm already (not) looking forward to deburring them:


Most of the inventory is done now. The only missing bits are the large items like skins, spars or push rods that I have to check in the garage, but at sub-freezing temperatures that's not a very inviting thought.

Wing kit inventory, part 1

Hi, my name ist Hendrik and I live on the stuff that is sold in brown paper bags.


In fact this is just the beginning. There are many more bags in the crates in the garage. So far I finished about 1/5 of the wing kit inventory, and I have to say that the parts counting function of my balance is a great help.

Christmas present -- wings arrive

It's all one big lie. Santa doesn't have a sled nor a red coat nor a white beard. I know because he visited me yesterday. He drives a truck (a lorry for readers on this side of the pond) and needs a hand for unloading. And he brought the largest boxes I ever received for Christmas: My wings!



The two large crates in my garage:


I opened one of them right away to get the pack list. Okay, not only to get the pack list:


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