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Preview plans arrived

My preview plans arrived today. After browsing through the plans for two hours they still don't scare me. So let the adventure begin! The next steps are to register the project with the LAA, apply for an end-use number to avoid paying duty fees when importing aircraft parts, buy tools, prepare the workshop ...


Today I drove to a local compressor shop. Very nice guy. After talking about different options I had the choice between a slow running industrial unit and a "DIY and light industrial" one. He recommended the cheaper (faster running) device, and when I asked about the noise he even cabled both for me, so that I could listen to them. Needless to say he was right, noise level is about the same and I took the cheaper option.


The compressor isn't too loud, I've heard much worse, but as I'm living in a semi-detached house and want to work in the evenings, I plan to build a sound suppression enclosure for it.

Decision time

I've been lurking on VAF and reading other people's build logs for quite a while. It's time to get serious now!

So yesterday I visited Steve and his wife. He showed me his G-IKON and we chatted for a couple of hours. Time flew by, and the decision was clear: I'll get going now. Today I ordered the preview plans from Van's.

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