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Rudder skeleton

Today I came back from work rather late, after a frustrating day of merging two software projects, so I really wanted to do something fun and set some rivets. The first victims of my enthusiasm were the R-703 tip rib and the R-713 counterbalance skin:


Then I continued with the upper two spar reinforcement plates and finally squeezed the first seven rivets of the R-710 rudder horn brace and the R-405 rudder horn. The hand squeezer with the longeron yoke comes handy here, but I guess I will have to use the gun for the rivets holding the rudder horn to the spar.


Yes, I primed the rudder horn too wet. Still learning ...

Deburring right HS skeleton

Deburred, edge finished, scuffed and dimpled the right HS skeleton tonight. It's now almost ready for etching and priming. I just have to drill the holes for the bolts holding the elevator bearing to their final size.


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