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Today I met Thomas. We spent hours talking and looking at his D-EXTL. Despite the soft runway he took me up for my first ride in an RV, and I got to fly a little from the back seat. The RV-grin is still on my face -- what a wonderful airplane!

Christmas -- more tools

My brother gave me a small HVLP paint gun as Christmas present!



I decided that I will convert the living room into a workshop. It is large enough, heated, there are power outlets, the walls are already painted -- much more inviting than the garage. The only drawback is that I'm renting this place, so I can't drill lots of holes into the ceiling to install lights. Need to think of another solution for mounting some fluorescent tubes.

Today I cleaned out the new shop, and started building two modified EAA 1000 tables. So much for "sheet metal work":


Didn't finish, because I want to keep peace with the neighbours and they have a small child, so I don't want to run the circular saw or the biscuit joiner too late in the evening.

Tools arrived

Early Christmas? Late birthday? Anyhow, the parcels from Avery's arrived today. There are a few items on backorder, but since VAT increases on 1 January, we decided to ship the rest already now. The savings on VAT are larger than the extra shipping.

I simply had to put them all on a table:






Ordering tools

Yesterday I spent several hours comparing the tool kits of Avery, Cleaveland, Brown, and Isham. I decided to go with Avery's kit, which I modified a bit. There is no need in shipping an 8 lbs backriveting plate across the Atlantic if I can buy a piece of steel locally. For a similar reason (and because I want to live in peace with my neighbours) I skipped the C-frame dimpler and ordered the DRDT-2 front part instead. They also had a pneumatic squeezer on sale.

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